New mobility

New mobility – from new transport modes such as e-scooters to innovative customer offerings like Mobility-as-a-Service – has the potential to revolutionise transport. However, it must be harnessed in a way that protects wider goals for people, places and planet, supported by agile and devolved governance.

Discover more about emerging technologies and the legal and regulatory framework that should underpin their development.

How we work on new mobility


Rebecca Fuller, Assistant Director, is the lead staff member for our work on new mobility.

The New Mobility group within our Professional Network works on this topic. 

Resources for this topic

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Future Streets: Challenges and opportunities

Streets are often the most contested spaces in any town or city. There are a large number and wide variety of calls on street space (at least 160 legitimate calls), and they simply can’t all be met. This report seeks to help local highway and strategic transport authorities rise to the challenge of better street and kerbside management.
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The Good Life: The role of transport in shaping a new and sustainable era for suburbs

We are a nation of suburbanites. However, the ubiquity of suburban living is often not reflected in transport policy. And there can be no decarbonisation of transport without specific measures to decarbonise transport in the suburbs. This report presents four foundations of suburbs for a new era – one which offers all suburbanites the promise of the ‘Good Life’ whilst addressing the climate crisis.
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The future of e-scooters - What powers do cities need and what standards should be set?

This report sets out first principles to consider in any regulatory reforms around micromobility, before moving on to detailed recommendations on, first, powers to control the micromobility rental market and, second, on construction and use standards specifically for e-scooters, given concerns around the private e-scooter market.

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What next for urban transport?

This report - published to coincide with the 2019 Autumn Party Conferences - identifies four urban transport challenges and four solutions needed to overcome them.

It also details what transport authorities need from Government to bring about these changes. 

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Policy futures for urban transport

The latest edition of Policy futures for urban transport emphasises how a new deal on funding and powers is essential to keep the UK's cities moving forward.

The report sets out the 10 key policy changes that are needed to make cities healthier, fairer and more prosperous.

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Policy Futures

Policy futures for urban transport sets out how, with more focused governance in place, the city regions are delivering major investment programmes including on public transport, highways and active travel, and smart ticketing. The report says that - with the right national policy framework - further and faster progress can be made, including:

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Our vision for Smart Futures

In our vision for smart futures for urban transport we set out the implications of rapid transformative technological change for urban transport, the key principles we have adopted in response and the actions we will take to maximise the benefits and minimise the downsides for both individual travellers and for the future of our cities.

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Getting Smart on Data

Emerging data will mean transport users will become fully informed about their travel choices whilst at the same time it will transform the ability of transport authorities to plan and manage transport networks and services more efficiently and effectively. This report finds four key challenges for transport authorities in fully realising the benefits.
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Horizon scan of implications of technological and social change

This report aims to provide decision makers with a guide to the implications for urban transport of transformative social and technological change and how they can best respond. 

The report (which was produced in collaboration with Arup Foresight) identifies four key overarching trends: 

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New approach needed to take the conflict out of the streets of the future, urges report

Person cycling in London
There are at least 160 legitimate calls on street space and they cannot all be met. A new report from Urban Movement for the Urban Transport Group calls for a fresh approach to remove the conflict from the competing demands for street space.

Transport has key role in shaping sustainable suburbs in post-COVID era, report finds

Man and boy on cargo bike
Transport has a key role to play in shaping a new and sustainable era for the suburbs, a new report from the Urban Transport Group says.

Queen’s Speech: Transport Bill is opportunity to extend benefits of local control of transport

The Urban Transport Group has today responded to the Queen's Speech.

New transport technologies must promote equity and inclusion to deliver just transition to net zero, says report

Woman with e-bike
Embracing new technologies will play a key role in decarbonising transport and help towns and cities to achieve net zero emissions – but steps must also be taken to ensure that the way new technologies are applied does not marginalise some groups or reinforce existing inequalities.

Transport authorities call for powers to ensure e-scooter services meet local needs

Woman with e-scooter
The Urban Transport Group is calling for a new national enabling framework to give locally accountable transport authorities the option to regulate key aspects of micromobility rental services (like e-scooters) in line with local needs and circumstances, in a new report, published today. 

Empower urban transport authorities to build back better from COVID-19, urges report

Build back better image
Transport authorities can play their part in shaping a positive legacy of COVID-19 for the UK’s city regions, provided they are given both the funding and powers they need to respond to the challenges that lie ahead.

City regions welcome e-scooter trials but highlight need for safeguards

E-scooter image

City region transport authorities have welcomed Government plans to bring forward trials of e-scooters to explore the role they might play in the future of urban transport   and to inform future decisions around the legislative framework.

Uncertainties around pace & scale of autonomous vehicle rollout laid bare in new report

Autonomous vehicle
‘Considerable uncertainties’ about how fast and how far the rollout of connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) will go in the UK has been outlined in a report from the Urban Transport Group, the UK’s network of city region transport authorities.

Critical challenges and solutions to improving transport in city regions identified ahead of party conferences

What next for urban transport? cover
The challenges to improving transport in the UK’s city regions and the solutions needed to overcome them have been set out by the Urban Transport Group today.

MaaS movement? New report sets out three key factors that will decide future of Mobility as a Service

MaaS movement? report cover
A new report from the Urban Transport Group says that ‘the future of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is yet to be decided’.

National Infrastructure Commission is right to make devolved transport funding for cities a key test for Government’s future infrastructure plan

The National Infrastructure Commission’s call for Government to make devolved funding for urban transport to cities a key test of the Government’s forthcoming National Infrastructure Strategy is hugely welcome, says the Urban Transport Group.

Urban Transport Group welcomes Government’s future of mobility strategy

Mobile phone
The Urban Transport Group has today responded to the Government’s Future of mobility: urban strategy.

Urban Transport Group strengthened as Northern Ireland’s public transport provider joins up

Jonathan Bray with Translink staff
Membership of the Urban Transport Group has received a significant boost today as Translink, Northern Ireland’s main public transport provider, has joined as an Associate Member.

South Yorkshire transport chief is new Chair of Urban Transport Group

Stephen Edwards
Stephen Edwards, the Executive Director of South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE), is the new Chair of the Urban Transport Group.

‘Transit oriented development’ can help meet housing demand and reduce car-based urban sprawl, says report

The place to be visual
Placing transport at the heart of new building developments will help the UK to meet its demand for new homes and prevent car-based urban sprawl, a report from the Urban Transport Group says today.

Leading urban transport data tool relaunches with expansive range of new statistics

Data Hub on laptop
The country’s leading online tool for transport data in cities has been relaunched today to include an even wider range of transport-related statistics, such as congestion, road safety and satisfaction.

Urban Transport Group welcomes recommendations to overhaul taxi and private hire vehicle legislation

The Urban Transport Group has today welcomed a report which calls for an overhaul of legislation for taxis and private hire vehicles (PHVs).

New deal on funding and powers essential to keep cities moving forward, stresses Urban Transport Group

Walking blur
Further devolution of rail services, greater funding for buses and reform of taxi and Private Hire Vehicle legislation – these are just three parts of a new deal on funding and powers that is required to keep the UK’s cities moving forward.

Urban Transport Group launches ‘Healthy Streets for All’ programme with public health expert Lucy Saunders

Lucy Saunders
Healthy Streets for All, a new programme to raise awareness and support UK cities in shaping urban environments around people and their health, has been launched today by the Urban Transport Group in collaboration with renowned public health expert Lucy Saunders.

Transport authorities launch vision of smart futures for urban transport

Smart Futures vision
A report setting out the implications of rapid and transformative technological change for urban transport was launched today by the Urban Transport Group.

Call to action from Urban Transport Group to 'get smart on data'

Journey Planning
A new report from the Urban Transport Group published today finds that transport authorities and UK legislation must keep pace with the vast volumes of data generated as people travel in order to provide better customer service and plan services more efficiently.

UK's largest urban transport authorities set out vision for future of transport in the city regions

Policy Futures

Following on from the EU referendum, the formation of a new Government and with the start of the party conference season, the Urban Transport Group has set out a vision for how UK transport policy could unfold in a way that will enable the nation’s largest urban areas to deliver inclusive growth in a smart and sustainable way.


Briefing on the Transport Bill

A briefing on the Transport Bill announced as part of the Queen's Speech in May 2022, including what we know so far and what the Bill should contain to transform urban transport for the better.

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