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Metro construction

Excessive use of competition funding for urban transport projects is inefficient and costly, report reveals

Excessive reliance by Government on short-term competition funding for the long-term task of transforming urban transport networks is inefficient and costly, according to a new report by the Urban Transport Group, the UK’s network of city region transport authorities.
Bus in Leeds

Urban Transport Group commissions new city region bus planning tool

The Urban Transport Group has commissioned a new and improved model to help city regions plan the future of their bus networks through forecasting how factors such as population, employment, car ownership, service levels, fares and public funding will drive bus patronage over the next decade. 
Green wall

Cities have opportunity to address climate crisis & create more liveable places by joining dots between transport, energy & built environment

City regions in the UK and beyond have the opportunity to address the escalating climate crisis whilst creating healthier and more liveable cities, by making connections between the transport, energy and built environment sectors.

Groundbreaking research identifies factors behind high bus use

Groundbreaking new research has identified the underlying conditions that best predict levels of bus use in local areas, as well as additional factors which may explain why some areas exceed expectations with higher levels of bus use than predicted.