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Words matter when we debate transport

"In the run up to the next general election, I ask politicians to think carefully about what they say and have a proper debate", writes Jason Prince, in his first column for Passenger Transport magazine.

When in Rome... be vigilant on public transport

I had been to Rome 30 years ago and heard tales of pick pockets and thieves, but never had anything happen directly to me or my close companions. How did we fall for it now, asks Saila Acton, following a recent trip to Italy.

Come rain or shine – Car-free adventures this summer

Summer 2023 has – so far – been a bit of a wash out. But that doesn’t mean it has to stop you from getting out. And what better way to do so than by leaving the car keys at home and hopping on a bus, bike, train or tram, or just on foot to explore some of what the UK has to offer, writes James Kershaw.

Truly transformational? How transport schemes really impact communities

When it comes to major transport schemes, the transformational impact they will deliver underpins calls for investment and the business cases of such projects. However, there is limited evidence on how this transformation materialises and the benefits provided to places and people. New research aims to plug this gap, writes Monta Drozdova.

Talkin’ ‘bout a green bus revolution

Buses have a crucial role to play in the UK’s path to net zero – both to achieve modal shift and decarbonise our transport system. Over the last few years buses have become central in the public discussion over the future of transport – but are we in the midst of a green bus revolution, asks Monta Drozdova.