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We’ve had enough

90% of women have experienced unwanted behaviours on public transport, at least once in their lifetime, according to the Suzy Lamplugh Trust. My own experience, whilst thankfully minor, has stayed with me, despite happening around two decades ago.

Zero emission buses need a bigger plan

"It’s been a long time coming but the bus fleet is decarbonising," writes Jonathan Bray. "This transition needs all key parties to think bigger and act faster."

A fond farewell – reflecting on my time at Urban Transport Group

As October draws to a close, so does my time at Urban Transport Group. So, I’m taking this opportunity to indulge in reflecting on some of my personal highlights of the last six and a half years and to recognise how much the world of transport and urban policy has shifted over that time.

This is the sound of the suburbs

Suburbs. Most of us live in them. Most transport policy isn’t about them. It’s time more of it was. What approaches could we take to achieve this?

Making the case for transport authorities

At a recent UITP meeting of mostly European transport authorities it was revealing how much in common many of those attending had. We were in the 80% club (patronage plateauing somewhere in the 80% range of pre-Covid). Our national politicians simultaneously (for climate and cost of living reasons) want better public transport, but (for Covid deficit reasons) also want to reduce financial support...

Menopause in the workplace – breaking the taboo

For several years, the Urban Transport Group has been promoting initiatives to support our members to recruit and retain a diverse workforce, including in relation to improving gender balance in a sector that has typically been male dominated. Part of this involves looking at how organisations manage people, paying attention to health, wellbeing and inclusion, and creating work environments that engage people and enhance their performance.