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Video games, rugby and graffiti – how novel approaches to anti-social behaviour are improving safety and security on transport

Fearing, experiencing or seeing the effects of anti-social behaviour makes journeys unpleasant and deters people from using public transport - which should be a safe space for all. Monta Drozdova explores our members' efforts to tackle anti-social behaviour on their networks.

Playing my part in solving the transport puzzle

I came to transport policy by accident. But in my role at City of York Council, most of my daily workday revolved around making sense of transport legislation abbreviations, cycle route feasibility studies, rail reform, highway legislation and the different bus subsidy approaches – all of which I came to find fascinating.

The changing face of rail

Sam Sherwood-Hale, Editor of Rail Professional magazine, speaks to Jonathan Bray about how rail transport has changed throughout his career, the nature of public vs. private, and some of the issues that rail reform will encounter.

Why car-free leisure travel is the ultimate Good Journey

Is this the ultimate no brainer? Everyone agrees that leisure traffic is the growth market for public transport. So, how about the public transport sector works with visitor attractions to promote car-free travel? How hard can it be? Not so hard now we have the well-established non-profit company Good Journey, writes Jonathan Bray...

Everything’s going yellow

In our city regions, the public sector’s natural inclination to innovate for the public good is finding an outlet in transport again, writes Jonathan Bray.