Tram and light rail authorities respond to Government statement on further funding support

Press release

The Urban Transport Group (which represents the transport authorities responsible for tram and light rail systems in the Sheffield City Region, Tyne and Wear, Greater Manchester, Nottingham and the West Midlands) has today welcomed the Government’s announcement of further COVID19 funding support for tram and light rail systems in England outside London. 

UTG Chair, Stephen Edwards, said: 

‘Our light rail systems have been getting essential workers where they need to be, supporting the return to schools and more widely are providing life support for local economies by keeping people moving during the pandemic. Our tram and light rail systems will also be critical in supporting a green and just recovery in the city regions as well as the Government’s wider aspirations for levelling up and for decarbonisation.’  

‘We have had constructive dialogue with the Department for Transport and the Treasury on continuing the Government support that is needed to close the COVID19 funding gap caused by far lower patronage and we welcome this latest tranche of funding which will enable us to keep services running in the difficult months that lie ahead. We look forward to having a wider dialogue with Government about the need for a longer term and more integrated approach to funding urban public transport which will allow us to support the recovery of city region economies in an efficient and effective way.’


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