Urban Transport Group responds to King’s Speech

Big Ben

The Urban Transport Group has today responded to the King’s Speech, which has set out the Government’s legislative programme for the next year.

Jason Prince, Director of the Urban Transport Group, said:

“Many of the much-needed transport laws promised in the current Parliamentary session have once again failed to materialise. Although we welcome the prospect of a new Automated Vehicles Bill, it is disappointing that the Government has only presented a draft Rail Reform Bill, effectively leaving any prospect of reform this side of the General Election stuck in the sidings. It is also a shame to have no further clarity on micromobility legislation or the necessary powers to reform our buses.

“Our city regions need clarity and certainty so they can properly plan and deliver world class transport services which create growth and access to opportunity.”


Last week, the Urban Transport Group wrote to the Prime Minister urging the Government to urgently implement a series of legislative interventions on transport. This included legislation on:

  1. safeguarding bus services
  2. integrating rail services through Great British Railways
  3. regulating micromobility services, such as e-scooters and e-bikes
  4. regulating driverless vehicles
  5. addressing pavement parking enforcement
  6. streamlining local transport decision making
  7. guidance on Local Transport Plans