Urban Transport Group responds to EU Referendum

Press release

Commenting on the outcome of the EU Referendum, Dr Jon Lamonte, Chair of Urban Transport Group, said:

'In the aftermath of the EU Referendum it is more important than ever that the momentum behind investment in our urban and inter-urban transport networks is maintained. The evidence clearly shows that if we want a resilient economy we need to continue to invest in transport networks of the quality and capacity needed to meet the demands of our cities' growing economies - as well as improving their connectivity with each other and the wider world.' 
'Devolution of responsibilities over transport to cities and city regions has also brought major benefits - as can be seen not just in London but now increasingly in other cities too. There should be no slowing in this process of devolving more decision making on transport to our major urban centres as it offers the prospect of better integrated transport services and networks with smart and simple ticketing, as well as more locally accountable decision making which is better able to focus investment on where it can make most impact.'

'As the voice of urban transport for the UK we will continue to work with the global public transport body, UITP, as well as with our counterpart cities and city regions in Europe and the wider world, in order to continue to drive the agenda and learn from each other about what works best in tackling the common challenges that urban transport authorities face.'

For more information contact Jonathan Bray on 07818 041 485.