City regions respond to Government’s ‘Plan for Drivers’

Cars in traffic

The Urban Transport Group, the UK’s network of city region transport authorities, has responded to the publication of the Government’s ‘Plan for Drivers’.

The plan, published today (Monday 2 October), sets out how the Government is ‘on the side of drivers’, unveiling a series of measures including changing guidance on when bus lanes operate and which vehicles can use them; updating guidance on 20mph speed limits to help ‘prevent inappropriate blanket use’; and a review of local authorities’ role in low traffic neighbourhoods (LTNs) and ’15-minute cities’.

Jason Prince, Director of the Urban Transport Group, said:

“As city region transport authorities, our focus is to keep our local areas moving. We are concerned that the Government’s plans could lead to our streets being more heavily congested with car traffic and contributing to poorer air quality.

“We must remember that car drivers are not exclusively motorists - they can be users of public transport and cycle or walk to get to where they need to. And also, that it is often those with the least in society that rely most upon modes of transport other than the car - such as the bus or bike.

“So, a plan for drivers is one thing, but if we are to truly support great places and create thriving communities, we need Government to match this with a proper plan for public transport and active travel – one that is underpinned by long-term funding certainty.”