Smarter regulation: proposed changes to legislation for electrically assisted pedal cycles

Consulting body
Department for Transport

The Department for Transport consulted on changing legislation for electrically assisted pedal cycles (EAPCs) as part of its Smarter Regulation Programme.

The Government proposed two changes to existing regulations:

  • to amend the legal definition of how EAPCs are classified so that the maximum continuous rated power of the electric motor must not exceed 500 watts instead of 250 watts as set out in the current regulations
  • to allow ‘twist and go’ EAPCs to have throttle assistance up to 15.5mph (25km/h) without the need for type approval


UTG's response highlights the need for a proper legal and regulatory framework for micromobility, that sets out a clear role for EAPCs, e-scooters, and other low-speed, zero emission vehicles.