A lunchtime conversation on what 21st Century streets should look like and who they should belong to

Our streets are contested places with different modes wrestling for their share of the space. They also need to reconcile climate resilience, personal safety and security, different accessibility needs and be vibrant places where people, businesses and visitors want to be. So, join three the leading thinkers on future streets for a conversation on what the streets of the 21st Century should look like, who they’re for and how best the trade-offs are decided.


About the panel...

Peter Jones

Peter is Professor of Transport and Sustainable Development at the UCL Centre for Transport Studies. He is a member of the UK Independent Transport Commission, the DfT’s Science Advisory Council and co-chair of its Joint Analysis Development Panel. He was Scientific Co-ordinator for the ‘CREATE’ project on changing trends in urban mobility and future city challenges, and also for the recently completed ‘MORE’ project, that has developed processes and tools for design generation, stakeholder engagement and modelling and appraisal, intended to improve the design and operation of road-space on urban main roads. Peter advises the European Commission and a number of major cities, state and national governments around the world on transport policy issues.

John Dales

John is Director of Urban Movement, a consultancy specialising in transport planning and the design of urban streets and spaces. With a Transport MSc from Imperial/UCL and a background in traffic engineering, he has 38 years of professional experience. Having first worked in transport consultancy and then at the London Borough of Newham, he joined urban design practice Urban Initiatives in 1996 and founded Urban Movement in 2011. John is the author of a forthcoming Urban Transport Group report on future streets.

Nicola Kane (Interviewer)

Nicola is Head of Strategic Planning, Insight and Innovation at Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) and spends most of her time thinking about what the future might hold, as her teams work to develop and deliver a long-term transport strategy for Greater Manchester, covering the period to 2040. She is a chartered town planner (MRTPI) and qualified transport planning professional (TPP), and joined TfGM in 2014 after 15 years of working in consultancy. Nicola was awarded “Transport Planner of the Year” by Transport Planning Society in 2017 for her work in leading Greater Manchester’s 2040 Transport Strategy.  

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