Member webinar: UTG Data Workstream Session

In the 2022/23 UTG Annual Plan, data is identified as a key focus of our project work on fairness, given that the data we collect (and don’t collect) has emerged as an important factor in determining the equality impacts of transport decision making. In this workshop members will share the scope, and associated challenges, around the data they collect (and don’t collect) and identify what workstreams UTG should prioritise to help ensure that data better reflects the diversity of the communities we serve and the journeys they make. In addition COVID, followed by a cost of living crisis, has led to unprecedented turmoil and change in patronage and travel trends which makes understanding what’s going on out there more important than ever (and by extension the data that transport authorities collect). This in turn raises many challenges around the scale and scope of the data collected, how its presented, how its resourced and maintained and how relevant it is to decision makers.

In this session we will explore the scope, and associated challenges, around the data we collect (and don’t collect) and what workstreams on data UTG should prioritise.

You can download the papers from this event here.

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Member only event
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1 hour

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