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#TransportAuthorities Together

I hope those whose jobs allowed it, got some rest over Easter. As we enter week four of the lockdown, here's my weekly blog on how things look from the perspective of the UK's urban transport authorities.

Comfort or ‘capitalist realism’?

There are a lot of new trains – faster and with more seats. So that’s good. Some of the nose cones are sleek and the exterior styling is impressive. But it doesn’t seem like the same amount of thought has always been put into the design of train interiors and passenger comfort.

Is transport the cure-all that the NHS needs?

Greater Manchester’s Cycling and Walking Commissioner Chris Boardman was recently quoted as saying “Pick a crisis: congestion, obesity, inequality, air pollution, global warming, safety…Investing in cycling and walking is as close to a silver bullet as you’ll get.”

Six tests for PM’s London-style vision

Boris Johnson wants transport in the rest of the UK’s metro areas to be a lot more like London and a lot less so so. So here’s six early indicators to watch out for that show whether we are on course for this… or not.