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If Dehli can do it...

When you step out into the chaos of a central Delhi street – with its dilapidated looking buses, battered taxis and auto-rickshaws fighting for space,  it is hard to believe that Delhi has carried out one of the largest experiments in the greening of urban transport anywhere in the World.

Quality Contracts for West Yorks?

On Friday 20 November, Councillors of all parties on the West Yorkshire Integrated Transport Authority unanimously approved Metro's ongoing work to develop a Quality Bus Contract for West Yorkshire - find out more in this video (featuring our very own Jonathan Bray!)

Dear diary...

Ever wondered what the pteg Support Unit team get up to? Well wonder no more! The SU team have each kept a diary of their activities to produce "A week in the life" , providing a ‘behind the scenes’ insight into the range of work the SU is involved in during a typical week.


I loathe tagging. But when travelling Europe this Summer one bus operator has responded by using a tagging motif as part of the seat coverings. Is this a pragmatic response that is bowing to - and co-opting - the inevitable?

Why En Avant?

Welcome to the new blog from pteg - the Passenger Transport Executive Group. So why have we called it En Avant? Well, this was the personal motto of Isambard Kingdom Brunel - the Michealangelo of engineering who never gave in however many obstacles there were to getting his jaw dropping bridges, railways and ships constructed.