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Why car-free leisure travel is the ultimate Good Journey

Is this the ultimate no brainer? Everyone agrees that leisure traffic is the growth market for public transport. So, how about the public transport sector works with visitor attractions to promote car-free travel? How hard can it be? Not so hard now we have the well-established non-profit company Good Journey, writes Jonathan Bray...

Everything’s going yellow

In our city regions, the public sector’s natural inclination to innovate for the public good is finding an outlet in transport again, writes Jonathan Bray.

Four ways urban transport will be shaped in 2023

Whilst it is nearly impossible to predict exactly what will happen next year, there are four major trends that look set to shape the urban transport landscape over the coming 12 months, writes Rebecca Fuller.

We’ve had enough

90% of women have experienced unwanted behaviours on public transport, at least once in their lifetime, according to the Suzy Lamplugh Trust. My own experience, whilst thankfully minor, has stayed with me, despite happening around two decades ago.

Zero emission buses need a bigger plan

"It’s been a long time coming but the bus fleet is decarbonising," writes Jonathan Bray. "This transition needs all key parties to think bigger and act faster."

A fond farewell – reflecting on my time at Urban Transport Group

As October draws to a close, so does my time at Urban Transport Group. So, I’m taking this opportunity to indulge in reflecting on some of my personal highlights of the last six and a half years and to recognise how much the world of transport and urban policy has shifted over that time.