Urban Transport Group is up and running

UTG Launch flyer
Jonathan Bray

Exciting times for us as we move onwards and upwards with TfL as full members and a new name that better reflects who we are,  what we do. With all the major urban areas on board and with the wider consensus that’s grown up around the importance of devolved and high investment city and city region transport networks it does feel like the sky is the limit on what we can now achieve.

Behind the scenes it’s been an enormous amount of work for our small team to sort out all the 101 details involved in changing our name – and particular thanks is due to Saila Acton, our Office Manager, who ends up with the task of attending to many of those details. But at long last the day has come and we are up and running.

Passenger Transport magazine has also done a great job on the supplement that marks our transition from pteg to the Urban Transport Group – including a fascinating year-by-year retrospective on the 50 years since the 1966 Transport Act which begat the PTEs.

As pteg we have punched our weight and made an effective case and now as Urban Transport Group a new era begins as we truly become the UK’s voice on urban transport. We are looking forward to it.