Jonathan Bray

Jonathan Bray

Jonathan has been the Director of the Urban Transport Group since 2008. He is also a visiting senior fellow at LSE Cities, a  Commissioner on the Commission on Travel Demand and a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Highways and Transportation.

Jonathan’s career has been about developing progressive policies on transport and advocating effectively for them. This includes changing national policy for the better by being one of the leaders of the network which ended the hegemony of the roads lobby on national transport policy in the nineties through to winning better bus powers for transport authorities in 2017. He has also made the Urban Transport Group the place where the thinking happens on the future of urban transport as well as saved members of the Group millions through finding more cost effective ways for them to work together.

Jonathan writes about new thinking on urban transport in a regular column in Passenger Transport magazine. He is also a Director of Good Journey CIC, a member of the Transport Planning Society and a member of the UITP’s Organising Authorities Committee.

Jonathan leads the Urban Transport Group's work on Bus, Regional and Urban Rail, Tram and Funding.