Clare Linton

Clare Linton
Policy and Research Advisor

Clare Linton joined the Urban Transport Group in May 2016, to conduct research across a range of policy areas including transport and housing, public health, social inclusion, freight, people and skills, sustainability and smart transport futures.

Clare is the lead author on a number of UTG reports including 'Taxi! Issues and options for city region taxi and private hire vehicle policy' and 'The place to be: How transit oriented development can support good growth in the city regions'.

Clare completed a PhD in Low Carbon Technologies at the University of Leeds in 2016. Her PhD research explored the potential to reduce emissions from urban transport through more effective use of capacity. Clare has also worked in the Climate Change, Energy and Transport team at the Institute for Public Policy Research, working on delivering effective public transport solutions. Clare holds a BA in Geography and an MSc in Climate Change and Policy, both from the University of Sussex.

Clare leads the Urban Transport Group's work on Sustainability, Freight and People and skills