Many more short journeys could be made on foot or by bike instead of by car. This would help improve public health, reduce carbon emissions and cut congestion for all road users.

To achieve this, we need better and safer infrastructure for walking and cycling, and more support for those making the switch to bike. E-bikes can also play a greater role including extending the range of cycling trips and attracting new demographics. There are more opportunities too for cycle logistics to take over from vans for deliveries.

To make faster progress, local transport authorities need greater certainty over long term capital and revenue funding so that they can build up their staffing capabilities and capacities to develop and implement a pipeline of active travel schemes. Revenue funding also helps pay for staff to encourage, support and train people to take up cycling. More widely, the tax regime and direct grants can be used to make it cheaper for people to get access to bikes and e-bikes.

You can find out more about active travel here.