Transport Authorities welcome bus passenger priorities research

Female bus passenger in Tyne and Wear

pteg today welcomed the release of new Passenger Focus research which shows what bus passengers like, and don’t like about their bus journeys, in a bid to get the best deal for people on the ground.

Passenger Focus (the watchdog which represents passenger interests) has led the research - which has been supported by PTEs and some bus operators - and which will help focus attention on those areas where customers say it is most needed.

The research asked passengers to rate their satisfaction with a wide range of aspects of the bus journey they were undertaking – including information, value for money, and overall satisfaction.

pteg and Passenger Focus believe that the research highlights passengers’ concerns over the value for money of bus travel. pteg believes that one way this could potentially be delivered is through more cost effective multi-operator ticketing. pteg will be working with Government, and other stakeholders, on how more effective multi-operator ticketing might be delivered following on from the Competition Commission’s recommendations on ticketing in its recently completed inquiry into the bus sector.

David Brown, who leads on bus issues for pteg, said:

“It makes sense to carry out these types of passenger surveys jointly. That way we can not only save money, but we can also learn from comparable data. Armed with this information we will be in a much better position to understand what is working best and what passengers’ priorities are. It will also show us what isn’t working locally, and what passengers don’t like, and thus where we need to focus our attention.”


pteg represents the six PTEs – which are the largest transport authorities outside London.

Half of all bus trips outside London are made in the PTEs. In PTE areas 80% of all public transport journeys are by bus.

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