Select Committee puts light rail back on track

Press release

The UK’s largest bloc of light rail promoters gave its wholehearted backing today to a new report from the House of Commons Transport Select Committee on the future of light rail and modern trams.

Chair of pteg, Kieran Preston said:

‘As the report shows Britain’s new generation of tram and light rail schemes have proved to be a hit with the travelling public, crucially that includes motorists who are switching to light rail in massive numbers.’

‘What sometimes hasn’t worked out so well is the way Whitehall has overseen the planning and procurement of new schemes - resulting in too many delays and too many cost hikes. The report shows we need to learn from other countries and get back to basics on light rail – with much more straightforward ways of financing schemes, full integration between bus and tram networks, and a streamlined process for approving new schemes.’

‘This report is full of common sense recommendations which if acted on will get UK light rail back on track. If so, more of our major urban centres will enjoy the regenerative and transport benefits that modern trams have already brought to the streets of Manchester, Croydon, Nottingham and Sheffield.’

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