pteg welcomes tram-train pilot go-ahead

Tram-train in Saarbruken

Chair of pteg Geoff Inskip said:

'We welcome Norman Baker's support for the tram-train pilot scheme. Tram-trains have the potential to transform big city commuter rail networks so that passengers can get on at their local rail station and get off on the main streets of our city centres. By combining the best of fast and dedicated heavy rail lines outside the city, and on-street running in the city, tram-trains can also relieve the pressure on our major city centre rail stations.'

'Tram-trains are already proven technology in France, Germany and the Netherlands. We recognise that a trial is needed here given the distinctive safety and regulatory regime that applies in the UK. However, now the funding has been made available we need to see rapid progress on the pilot scheme, so that Britain's largest and busiest urban commuter rail networks can benefit from this exciting and innovative technology as soon as is practicable.'


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