pteg welcomes rail devolution progress

Metro 333 train at Menston

Commenting on the publication by the Department for Transport today of the outcomes of the consultation on the scope for further rail devolution, and rail Minister Simon Burns's accompanying statement, Geoff Inskip, Chair of pteg said:

“We are very pleased that there is strong consensus emerging around the benefits of devolving decision making over local rail networks. Wherever local rail responsibilities have been devolved we have seen more investment and a better service for passengers. This is because local decision makers know just how important good local rail services are in supporting local economies and will give them the attention and funding priority that they need. This is clear to see after powers were devolved on London Overground, Merseyrail Electrics and Scotrail.

“Simon Burns's strong support for further rail devolution is particularly welcome during this period of uncertainty over rail franchising following on from the termination of the West Coast refranchising process. As PTEs we look forward to working with our colleagues in the Shires and Counties, and in Government, as we develop robust proposals for devolution for our different networks. Proposals based on a secure funding base, protection for fares and services, sound management and local accountability.”


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