pteg welcomes high-speed rail decision

People boarding a train

Following the announcement today of the next phase of high speed rail and the publication of the routes to Leeds and Manchester, Geoff Inskip, the lead on rail issues for pteg said:

“We welcome the government’s announcement on the next stages of high speed rail. We believe that high speed will have a truly transformational effect on our cities and on the economies of our city regions. The publication of the details of Y-network allows us to fully engage with our communities and with HS2 Limited to make sure we secure the best possible outcomes from the arrival of high speed rail. We need to make sure that all of our city regions benefit from the improved connectivity high speed brings. Importantly, we’ve got the time to plan properly for high speed and to make sure our local transport networks are 'HS2 ready' and well-connected into the high speed services.”


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