pteg responds to Nexus QC Board report

Blurred bus

David Brown (Director General of Merseytravel) leads on buses issues for pteg.

pteg has consistently argued that, where transport authorities wish to introduce the franchising of bus services, the Quality Contract Scheme process is disproportionate and too costly given that it was meant to make franchising a more realistic option. Bus services are provided through a franchising system in London and it is how all national rail services are provided - and yet the process for extending the benefits of planned and integrated bus services outside London is convoluted and arcane. In this respect we welcome the Board’s view that franchising can create a transformational and integrated public transport system.

It should be stressed that whilst the Board has given its opinion, it remains a local decision to determine the future of bus services in the North East, which is right. If today’s report proves anything it is that we have been right to continue to argue that the current legislation is not fit for purpose and is a product of another era. The forthcoming Buses Bill needs a fair and proportionate process by which bus franchising can be introduced in line with the wider devolution plans that city regions are agreeing with Government in order to promote growth.’

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