New DfT bus proposals welcomed

Passengers boarding a bus

Responding to a consultation on a package of measures on buses by the Department for Transport (launched yesterday, 9th March), lead Director General for pteg on bus issues, David Brown, said:

'We will be considering these proposals in detail before giving a full response, but our initial view is that there are some proposals here that could be of real benefit to passengers. In particular we welcome the potential for PTEs to be able to set maximum fares. Bus fares in our areas can be too high and too complex. Passengers want value and they want simple, integrated ticketing. Giving PTEs the ability to set a maximum fare could help us to win a better deal for bus passengers.'

David Brown added;

'The proposals on registration periods also look helpful. But it's a shame the DfT hasn't gone further and consulted more fully on registration periods for all services. It’s still far too easy for operators to chop and change lifeline bus services, leaving PTEs with the job of struggling to fill the gaps at short notice. As the strategic transport authorities for our areas we should be more integral to decisions on when and how bus networks change - including registration periods for our routes and networks.'


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