Joint call for trams to be treated fairly

Sheffield Supertram

As the Government revises its major scheme business case guidance, Campaign for Better Transport and pteg [1] have called for an end to the discrimination against trams.

The organisations today have asked Transport Minister Sadiq Khan to put trams on a level playing field with buses and road schemes.

Neil Scales, the chair of pteg, said:

“We want to see the benefits that trams can bring to our cities. Current guidance doesn’t put trams on an equal footing and changing this must be a small, but significant step towards making more light rail schemes happen.”

Stephen Joseph, the executive director of Campaign for Better Transport, said:

“You might see trams on holiday in France, but you’re less likely to see them here. Other European countries build trams because they know people will leave their cars behind and use trams instead, cutting congestion and carbon emissions. Trams make cities quieter, less polluted and more pleasant places to live in and visit. But in this country we don’t do trams because the Government has already decided against them. Government guidance is biased against trams and in favour of roads or buses. It’s time to change that.”

Notes to editors

[1] Campaign for Better Transport and pteg wrote to the minister on 20 July.