City region transport authorities welcome Select Committee report

Press release

Transport authorities serving Britain’s largest city regions outside London today welcomed the House of Commons Transport Select Committee report on the Draft Local Transport Bill.

Cllr David Wood, Chair of the group of six Passenger Transport Authorities, said:

‘This is a very thoughtful and incisive report by the Select Committee which the Government would be well advised to take heed of as they develop the legislation.

The Draft Local Transport Bill offers the major regional cities the prospect of more fully empowered transport authorities able to provide the planned and integrated transport networks which those cities need. It adds to the growing momentum behind giving city region transport authorities powers similar to those already being deployed so effectively in the Capital by Transport for London.

The Committee has made some valid and helpful recommendations on how the legislation can be improved. In particular the Committee has identified ways in which effective partnership between the public and private sector on bus provision can be more rapidly introduced and enforced.

Opportunities to reform the way in which local transport is planned don ’t come up too often, so it’s important to make the most of these opportunities and get every clause right to ensure the legislation is used, rather than share the fate of some previous poorly utilised transport legislation. This report helps in that process and we look forward to discussing with Government how these recommendations might best be integrated into the Local Transport Bill when the Bill returns to Parliament following the Queen’s Speech.’


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