pteg welcomes CBT rail devolution report

Merseyrail train c. Network Rail

Commenting on Campaign for Better Transport's ‘Going Local: Lessons for rail policy from London Overground and Merseyrail’ report, published today (Thursday 7th Feb), pteg Director, Jonathan Bray, said:

‘This excellent report provides an in-depth analysis of what’s changed for passengers since powers over key local rail services were devolved in London and Merseyside. It shows that performance and passenger satisfaction have been transformed and investment is up. Instead of remote control from Whitehall, local control has led to rail services that are more responsive, better run and more fully integrated with wider local public transport networks. Having absentee landlords of local rail networks at the Department for Transport will not give the regions the dynamic rail systems they need to support regional economies. PTEs are now working hard to ensure that the proven benefits of devolving powers over local rail services are brought to the North of the England and to the West Midlands rail networks.’

'Going Local: Lessons for rail policy from London Overground and Merseyrail' can be downloaded from Campaign for Better Transport's website (external link).