pteg responds to IPPR report

Press release

Commenting on a new report by IPPR North - 'Moving On: A Progressive Transport Policy for Northern England' - Chair of pteg, Neil Scales OBE, said:

'IPPR are right to say that we need transport authorities with the full set of powers they need to deliver the transport policies and schemes that will keep the city regions moving. Some of the Local Transport Bill does need strengthening to achieve this - particularly on ensuring that bus networks can be properly planned and regulated. IPPR is also right that the city regions need and deserve a bigger slice of national transport spending.'

'However we also believe that overall the Local Transport Bill is good news for the regions. This is because the Bill allows each area to review and determine locally its transport needs - and then make the case to the Secretary of State for the right mix of extra powers it needs to tackle the specific transport challenges that each area faces. Local decision making on local transport issues has to be the right way forward and we look forward to seeing the Bill enacted.'

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